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Granite Pavers Melbourne

Granite is a very hard, crystalline rock that forms over millions of years. Our range of granite pavers are all made from volcanic stone and can withstand high traffic areas such as driveways or near pools because it's dense enough to not wear down easily under pressure. The slightly mottled flecks in this beautiful material make staining less severe which makes them perfect for use around houses where there will be more footfalls per square inch than just about anywhere else on your property.

Granite stones are a great investment for all contemporary home renovations. As it is natural and earth-friendly, one of the key factors in using granite is that they're sustainable - so you'll never need to worry about running out! Granite also comes in many different forms with finishes from smooth polishing or textured stone surfaces; there's sure to be something perfectly suited just right for your needs at any given time. 

Stone and Tiles is the supplier of choice for architects, designers and homeowners looking to make their interiors shine. From bathrooms or kitchens right down through barbecues area's poolside refurbishment you are sure not only find what they need but also save time with our wide range of stones that can be used in so many ways. 

Leading Granite Supplier in Melbourne

It is no surprise that granite has become one of the most popular stones in new home builds. Not only does it provide a sleek, professional look to any space with its natural beauty and durability but there are also so many other ways you can use these durable rocks beyond what we usually think about. Grown in a variety of colours, patterns and textures are the newest rages for decor. The natural stone called granite is no exception to this trend as it becomes more popular with each passing year. Although most people choose black when they have carpeting or flooring projects on hand - other hues like grey become increasingly attractive over time due to their elementality which cannot be found anywhere else! Not only do you not need to worry about going out style anytime soon because these stones never go away but their uniqueness makes them stand apart from anything that has come before so your home will always look fresh. 

As one of the leading suppliers of natural stone materials, we can help you create your dream home using granite. Whether it's to furnish a new countertop or renovate an old fireplace with quality pavers for outdoor living areas - we have what you need at affordable prices.

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