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Limestone Pool Pavers Melbourne

Limestone has been a key construction material through the ages. Many landmarks around the world such as Egyptian pyramids are made of limestone! It's an organic sedimentary rock formed from fossilized materials like shells and algae; these days you can even find coral mixed into its composition too. Our limestone pavers are sourced from artisan suppliers in Europe and the Middle East. We have curated varieties of higher-performing materials, denser versions as well as colours that aim to suit local architecture for our customers who want an inspirational product at their project site or home extension. 

Benefits of Limestone Pavers

There are many benefits to using limestone pavers for your next landscaping or construction project. Limestone is a natural material that has been used for construction for thousands of years. It is strong and durable yet has a subtle and fresh palette that gives a distinguished and aged appearance from the moment they're laid. Limestone is also easy to clean and maintain, as well as resistant to damage from the outside elements.

Outdoor Limestone Pavers and Limestone Tiles

If you're looking for a material that's long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and economical with ongoing maintenance, you can't go wrong with limestone. Limestone is an amazing choice that will leave your home or project looking better for decades to come. Limestone pavers are an ideal choice for those looking to produce a natural look, as it is often possible to source materials from the same quarry. This can provide continuity in terms of colour and texture. Limestones also come in many different formats, including random lengths and French patterns. Limestones lend themselves well to large formats, often coming in blocks. More limited products, such as Limestone cobbles or Limestone pebbles are produced using the variable-length system. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for various projects. Limestones can be installed both indoors and outdoors depending on their usage i.e., limestone tiles may be used for indoor flooring, while Limestone pavers with a honed or sandblasted surface finish can be used for outdoor paving.

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