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Sandstone Pavers in Melbourne

A sedimentary rock composed of cemented sand grains is known as sandstone (predominantly made from quartz). These grains were buried after being transported down the river. Over time, the silt is compacted together at a low temperature and eventually cemented into rock. It develops in layers of different colours since it is generated over time. As a result, the sandstone cut is particularly important in bringing out the natural tones and character. Sandstone has been utilised for millennia across the world, having significant links to Australia. Sandstone pavers are appropriate for both conventional and contemporary designs. 

With our variety of beautiful and durable sandstones, we're able to provide the best possible material for your project. We source local stones in thick formats so they can be used as tiles or pavers with limited set-down time because it is much softer than other suppliers' products which enables greater durability - something that's important when you want a long-lasting surface!

A wide range of Sandstone Pavers in Melbourne

Our natural sandstone pavers offer not only colour and texture but also the opportunity for unpredictable variations. The sedimentary layers in these stones create an individual look that can be very forgiving as well-, so you're guaranteed to find your perfect design with us. Our sandstone pavers are a timeless and refined landscape design material. Whether you’re seeking to replace your old brick paving with natural sandstones or just looking for new patio space, Stones & Tiles has got the perfect solution in mind! We've created our select range of tiles just for this occasion; if it's driveway construction needs that have been holding things up then stop by one today - we've got everything from bathroom floors ideas to kitchen tile options available so everyone can find something they'll love. 

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