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Tile and Stone Sealing Melbourne

No matter what type of installation you have, there’s one thing that will make it last. A natural stone sealer is an essential ingredient for protecting your surface from staining and keeping the integrity of whatever material was used on top intact with time. Luckily, we sell this in-house at Stones & Tiles!

Whether it's paving or pool coping installing tiles; having a durable construction requires employing proper techniques so as not to damage them through neglectful practices like cutting corners without first applying our recommended Stone Sealant. 

How Does the Sealant work?

Natural stone has a variety of different properties that make it the perfect natural material for making products. These materials, such as bluestone or granite can absorb liquids with ease and penetrative stains; however, there are also negative effects from these interactions when too much is absorbed into the stone-like irreversible staining, salt attack and efflorescence. The topcoat of this product will protect your investment by preventing water and other liquids from penetrating the stone, which is particularly helpful if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions. There are two different types: topical or penetrant-based sealers for either application method but make sure to get a high-quality brand because they only work as good as their ingredients.

As one of the leading Stone and tile sealer providers in Melbourne, Stones & Tiles can provide solutions that leave you feeling satisfied. Chat with us today by calling (03) 9369 5305.