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Travertine Pavers

Travertine Pavers Around Pool Melbourne

Do you want your interiors and exteriors to have a distinctive combination of nature and style? Travertine tiles and pavers, on the other hand, will assist to bring the natural beauty of the mountains into homes and businesses. Marella Granite & Marble in Melbourne will help you adorn your indoor and outdoor floors, walls, and benchtops with exotic travertine tiles and pavers. Marella, being Australia’s most well-known marble and granite brand, provides the best natural stone options.

Stone and Tiles is a leading travertine supplier in Melbourne. Our premium tiles are perfect for creating a long-lasting outdoor flooring surface. Travertine is a type of limestone that is formed when the lime content has been deposited by water. This sedimentary stone is approximately 50 million years old and is a solid form of calcium carbonate. Travertine is available in a variety of colours and is perfect for creating a unique and stylish flooring surface.


At Stone and Tiles, we supply premium travertine pavers and tiles that are perfect for outdoor use. Our tiles are available in a range of sizes and will last a lifetime. When travertine is used as an outdoor flooring surface, it needs to be sealed with a high-quality sealer. This process should be done every year and will give your tiles maximum protection from environmental elements such as water and sun exposure.

For further information on our range of travertine tiles and pavers, or for an estimate on how much travertine you will need to cover your surfaces, contact Stone and Tiles at call us onĀ (03) 9369 5305.